At CBM Air we can take the worry of major system failure away, and let you focus on your business.  Our Asset Management System and plans are designed with your priorities in mind.




Our Customised Scheduled Maintenance programmes are tailored to meet our clients’ needs for air conditioning, refrigeration, mechanical and electrical systems.

The Benefits of having regular maintenance include extending the life of components, reducing running costs, providing energy efficiency and minimising the risk of failure and costly repairs.

  • Direct Expansion (DX), Chilled Water and Water Cooled Packaged Airconditioning Systems
  • Computer Room Airconditiong Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Air Filtration Systems
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Kitchen Exhaust Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Control and Electrical Systems

Regular maintenance of your HVAC assets will help preserve the useful life of the equipment and avoid premature equipment failures. This in turn will minimise the impact on operational requirements and potential downtime.At CBM Air, we offer comprehensive and preventative service and maintenance.

Comprehensive: a more exhaustive HVAC maintenance program whereby we can manage the maintenance needs of all assets in one or multiple sites on your behalf. As part of this we would provide services including labour resources coordination, materials planning and third party contractor coordination, giving you the convenience of having one point of contact.

Preventative: scheduled HVAC maintenance performed at specific intervals in order to sustain the functional and operational capabilities of your equipment. As part of a preventative maintenance program, we will carry out routine cleaning, adjusting, lubricating and testing as well as identify impending problems and schedule repairs prior to equipment failure, with the aim of minimising disruption and downtime.



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CBM Air are one of the leading providers of HVAC maintenance and refurbishment in the Brisbane region, offering first rate services to customers throughout South East Queensland and beyond.

As specialists in design and build for mechanical services, our HVAC maintenance and refurbishment programmes ensure that your system remains completely covered, guaranteeing efficient operation and optimal performance, with customer support and a rapid on-site response in the event of an emergency.

We provide an extensive range of maintenance programmes for all HVAC systems, offering planned, preventative and reactive contracts for all clients. Our expert team of engineers are fully qualified to carry out repairs and refurbishment on all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and we have access to spare and replacement parts for all equipment as accredited suppliers of many leading manufacturers.

CBM Air are able to utilise their expertise as a leading manufacturer to provide documented planned maintenance packages to suit all of our equipment ranges as well as those of other manufacturers. The benefits of CBM Air maintenance contracts are:

  • Fixed price preventative maintenance for the duration of the contract.
  • Rapid response to breakdown, guaranteed timeframes can be included.
  • In the event that any additional work is required on the equipment outside of the terms of the contract agreement, fixed costs for our direct labour and mileage will be stated in advance.

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